The Company was established in 1991

The idea to bake the dainties favoured in weddings and family celebrations was implemented in the nick of time.

When more companies engaging in the same activity were established, we already had regular customers and the greatest asset – the recipe of šakotis (a type of baumkuchen).

Our šakotis not only has distinctive taste, but is also crumbly. Its recipe has been improved through many years. Šakotis is baked of highest quality flour, Lithuanian sugar, natural sour cream, and natural eggs. Although trade networks had suggested using colorings, we did not even consider this suggestion in order to maintain the quality and naturalness.

It is an excellent and useful gift for a close person or company employees. It is also a good choice when sending or taking gifts abroad as a Lithuanian souvenir. Our šakotis have many times represented Lithuania.

One of the most significant and pleasant events in the company life was when our šakotis was served on the wedding table of Prince Edward of the United Kingdom. The šakotis of six kilograms was delivered to the United Kingdom. We still have the letter of thanks from the Windsor Palace. The šakotis for the Prince’s wedding was no different from the pastries we bake every day. We believe that our šakotis can be served on the table of your wedding, parties, and other celebrations. The šakotis are available in many sizes.

The šakotis can last up to two months without losing its qualities. However, it is important to know that as our pastry is made of natural products, it easily absorbs different smells and is not resistant to moisture. Thus, šakotis has to be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

Flavorings are not used in our šakotis.

We are glad to know that our products are distinguished from others not only by their taste, but also by their appearance, crumbliness, and naturalness.

Thank you for choosing our šakotis.